Monday, December 31, 2007

Chan Ran story of healing

by Leng Thy

“The American medical team is very kind to me. They sent me to be hospitalized for months to cure my leg, costing so much money, the amount that I really could not make although I work hard for my whole life.” Chan Ran said while visiting him at Calmette hospital.

Living in a remote village, Pheakdei Village, Takream Commune, Battambang Province, which is about 50 km from Battambang town, Chan Ran, 39 years old, and his 35 years old- wife, Kieng Pha do not even owned a small plot of land or a draft animal to farm to make a living. In order to feed his wife and his four children, Chan Ran work as a laborer to cut trees in the forest that gives a meager income of Riels 5000 ($1.25) per day.

Lying in Calmette hospital bed, he said that his leg was bitten by a poisonous snake on September 2007 while he was walking in the forest to cut trees. Since then, he could not walk any more as his wound turns from bad to worse. Although desperate for help, Chan Ran is not so hopeful to get any help from his relatives or his neighbors who like him are making a living just to survive. He said “with no one to turn to he has given up hope for his healing while his fears about his family survival and future grow each passing of days.”

Hearing a medical team is coming to help the poor people in his village by providing free medical clinics his hopelessness somehow disappeared. He was ready and waiting for the coming day. After coming back from seeing a doctor during the medical mission on October 22, 2007, he was extremely surprised to see June Essing, (team leader of the Rocky Mountain Medical Team) with some church leaders and CHAD staff visit him at his home with an offer to pay for his hospitalization in Phnom Penh. Since he arrived in the hospital his hope that he can walk again someday grows not only because of the treatment he is receiving from the hospital but also because of the love and care, the pastor, church workers, and CHAD staff show to him and his family.

He said “I have stayed in hospital for 84 days so far, and right now I feel that about 70% of my wound is healed. During these days I am spent a lot money for my medicines, accommodation, transportation, and even the food for me and my wife who looks after me. I am very thankful and grateful to the Rocky Mountain team for their great help to me and my family. Please kindly continue to help the poor Cambodians who cannot meet their basic needs” He continues “Now, I understand how God’s love gives me new hope in life.”

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