Friday, June 5, 2009

Kratie Mission Update

Dear Friends,

A lot has happened since you were here! We have had three different groups come. One was from Phum Thmei who went to CSI, a Christian clinic who partners with us and is especially interested in getting good diagnosis for the poor. Another was from Kantout, the health center where we went last. The 10 year old with epilepsy and another both went to the National Paediatric Hospital. The third group went to Luk Song Hospital because it has a good equity fund for helping the poor.

The Provincial Health Director (PHD) in Kratie has invited us to the Grand Opening of the new laboratory at the hospital. I am pleased because it indicates his interest in our continued cooperation! Rev. Joseph was happy and will go if I am busy! Do you see how the mission you did is bearing fruit?

Last week Rev. Joseph went to Kratie and reports that they dug the foundation for the church. Another fruit! Please pray for the pastor who had to take a leave of absence. Now we will need someone to continue all the work he was doing. I plan to go up in July to follow up the referrals, connecting with the PHD staff, village authorities and VHSGs. I am especially interested in seeking solutions for the large number of women with goiters. Pray for a breakthrough.

Maybe you will remember the little girl with a neurogenic bladder at Kantout. She came to the National Pediatric Hospital about 4 weeks ago. They treated her for a UTI and sent her home for 10 days. When she returned they did diagnostics and surgery. She has healed well and her mother is happy that she is no longer incontinent and can go to school. Another fruit. She will be back for surgery for the strasbismus next month.

The pale young man we saw the first day at the church site who was referred to the PHD, came to CSI and was diagnosed with schistoma melcongie (hepato-splenic type), portal hypotension, gastric ulcer stage 3, and esophageal varices and anaemic microcytic. He was sent home on treatment. At long last he has been diagnosed and treated, what a sweet release for his mother! He is due for review in August.

May God bless you richly as you have blessed others,

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