Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daneth's first week at the Asian Rural Institute, Japan

by Ms. Him Daneth

Daneth, part of the GBGM staff in Cambodia, is attending a nine-month training program at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Japan. Here are some reflections from her first week at the program.

I would like to share what was happening, my feeling, and many activities…

Tomoko said that there are 17 countries for the 2010 participants. There are 16 male and 14 female.

The first session was an introduction about the Crop and vegetable session. It was talking about our farming situation back home. What we used to do and why we need to plant the vegetable and rice? Most of the participants answered, “Because we need to eat.” The end of the introduction was talking about the connection between every thing living on earth. Every thing on earth is connected; we have to know how they are connected. Good Sun asked, “What is the human need?” The participants answered that food and water sustain our life. “How can we have the food?” They said that we buy our plant and raise it. “How can we plant and raise the animal?” For example, the cow needs what? The cow needs the grass. “The grass needs what?” The grass needs the water. The human eats the cow and drinks the water, the cow needs the grass and the grass needs water and sun.

Tomoko san is the Associate Director. She is in ARI 15 years already. She shared about the Biography of ARI. The founder is Dr. Takami. Foundation and Spirit of ARI is very important for us to understand and helps you understand why you need to come here. She shared the key word of living in ARI. We share every thing with each other so that we may live together, it is the ARI motto. We also need to live and connect with nature.

Food Life Work
The facilitator of the crop and vegetable told us that before we plant potatoes, we have to know where they come from. The potatoes come from South Africa. Teacher explains about how to cut potatoes. “Do we need to cut potato in two pieces or many pieces?” It is according to the eye of the potato. “Why we need to do like that?” because the potato can grow more and more.

Community Life Policy
There are 3 main points: 1. Standard, 2. Guideline, and 3. Rule. It is talking about our living in ARI as the community. We come from different backgrounds so we need to understand one another. It is what we need to learn. How can we build the new community living if we do not understand each other? This community will be broken. We need to learn from one another as a person, work together, sleep together, eat together, and play together in order that we learn to help each other.

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