Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Can you imagine a wolf living with a lamb? A lion hanging out with a calf? How is this possible, and where might I find this place?

Indeed, this is hard to imagine either literally, or even figuratively here in Cambodia where the gap between the rich and poor grows ever wider, young persons search for opportunities for education and employment and tensions and boarder disputes continue.

Yet, this Isaiah 11 vision is ours to embody and proclaim now and here in this place, thanks to the birth of Christ Jesus who came to make things right. We praise God for the ways we have witnessed foretastes of this as local congregations practice and extend His reconciling hope among families, neighborhoods, and civil institutions that have been torn apart by fallen powers and principalities.

Therefore, we are deeply grateful for all of your prayers, encouragement and financial support. You are tangible expressions of God's grace to us and our work in Cambodia. We look forward to our ongoing adventure in 2011.

May joy fill your heart this season!

with peace and love from the CHAD team,

(back l->r) Ken CRUZ, LENG Thy
(front l->) HOUT Vannak, SOK Sophall, Irene MPARUTSA, Katherine PARKER

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