Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reflections on Missions as Transformation

from Ken Cruz
“There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1
As we bid farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011, I can only praise and thank God for everything He has done for me, my family, and our ministry with churches and local communities in Cambodia. This year has been a journey filled with many transforming experiences both for me and the people I am privileged to serve.

If I had to choose among the many blessings God has afforded me in 2010, I would have to thank Him most for the way in which he continues to humble me. In a vocation that involves heavy interaction with peoples from various backgrounds, I am often faced with temptation of deeming my own views superior to those around me. But, by the grace of God, I continue to grow in my willingness to look past my own prejudices and anxieties.

Development work is difficult precisely because there are so many ways one could conceivably go about it and everyone has a different understanding of what “best” means. We are not, however, called to debate endlessly on this issue but to play out our faith through deeds. To actually start the “doing” and is an act of in faith itself because there is no guarantee that our endeavors will produce tangible breakthroughs, at least in the short run.

Too much talking never works to the advantage of the Kingdom of God. Listening to others, conversely, tends always to promote the right spirit in all who have a stake in our work here in Cambodia. When people feel empowered, they are more willing to take part in the action.

This is one of the bedrock principles upon which I attempt to conduct my ministry here in Cambodia. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with people who are, in many areas of development work, more knowledgeable than I am and vice versa. This dynamic, although explosive at times, encourages me to practice humility. As a result, I have seen benign transformations not just in the communities in which I work but also in me and my co-workers.

May God be glorified in all that we do!

Celebrations & Prayer Requests
  • Praise the Lord for the 180 church pastors/leaders who completed the Mobilizing Local Church training program for Holistic Ministry.
  • Praise the Lord for allowing the CHAD community development programs to support 60 churches/ villages.
  • Praise the Lord for giving our CHAD team an opportunity to teach Bible School students on transformational development course.
  • Praise God for faithful provisions for Kim & Kyle’s college expenses.
  • Praise for God for keeping family safe and enjoy good health.
  • Please pray for God’s healing for my wife Jomil’s elbow injury.
  • Praise God for giving me and my wife Jomil 21 years of blissful marriage.
  • Finally, we want to thank God for all those who blessed us in small and big way
A blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you, your family and your church! As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus our family wishes to convey our sincerest and deepest gratitude to all of you whom God used to walk with us during 2010. Your prayers, encouragements and support enabled us to accomplished more than our selves can do. Our partnership has been a blessing to many people in Cambodia in ways that glorify the name of our God. It is our prayer that we will continue our work together in advancing God’s Kingdom in every part of Cambodia.

May God multiply your goodness a thousand folds! Your partners in Christ,

Ken, Jomil, Kim & Kyle Cruz
Missionary Support Code: 3019583
Program Support Code: 14916A

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