Monday, February 20, 2012

Annual Report summary

prepared by Leng Thyon behalf of the CHAD team: Ms. Irene MPARUTSA, Mr. Ken CRUZ, Mr. LENG Thy, Ms. SOK Sophal, Ms. Katherine PARKER, Ms. HIM Daneth and Ms. HOUT Vannak

During a one-year period of 2011, CHAD has performed some significant activities for church and community’s vital need fulfillments. These activities mainly focus on leadership capacity building training, project group formation and monitoring follow up, networking, UMVIM medical clinic coordination, and organizational development.

In the capacity building training area, CHAD provided teaching on Biblical based transformational development to the third year theology students of CMBS, Cambodian Methodist Bible School. The course took 5 months with 2 hours a week, and completely finished in February. At the grassroots level, to mobilize the church and community for development works, CHAD has used a serial training manual called 'Mobilizing the Church' to train 214 people, including pastors and lay people, from 41 various churches in the districts of Kompong Thom, Siem Reap, Svay Rieng, Kompong Cham, Kompong Speu, and Phnom Penh. After taking 5-6 months each, the training is now completely finished, exceptionally Phnom Penh, and 3 clusters in K. Speu district. For technical aspect, CHAD also trained 108 people from 7 churches and villages in Kompong Chhnang and Kompong Speu district, on how to make organic fertilizer, to collect and make IMD, to be aware of chemical, and to raise chicken. Similarly, a two-day training on how to write a simple project proposal was also held for 17 people as LSCC, Local Social Concern Committee, from 3 churches in Siem Reap district. Concerning to the health sector, CHAD also held a drinking water workshop for 25 people from a church and community in K. Speu district.

In addition to the training approaches, through attending SCC (Social Concern Committee) monthly meeting and joint visits of CHAD team and SCC to project groups, CHAD has coached SCC members for more competence in project management. Furthermore, at MMC management level, CHAD has periodically attended pastor district meeting, and cabinet meeting for report and plan sharing as well as CHAD orientation.

Aside from training activities, CHAD together with SCC have also made a lot of effort into its every three month visits for project monitoring and new groups formation. As a result, during a year of 2011, CHAD has visited to 98 ongoing project groups of 58 churches in 11 MMC districts throughout the country, and established 42 new project groups, mostly Rice Bank group supported by UMCOR.

For networking and collaboration gain, CHAD made visits to several like-minded institutions like Chap Dai organization, Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Department of Kratie, Banteay Mean Chey, Svay Rieng, Takeo, and Kompong Thom as well as to micro-finance institutions of Kredit and Vision Fund.

In response to the community necessary need of medical issue, CHAD coordinated and hosted 4 UMVIM medical teams during this period. According to the need and request from their own sister church, these team of over 10 members on average conducted its clinic in various churches of different districts. The Louisiana team conducted its medical clinic in the district of Svay Rieng, as did the Australian team in Banteay Mean Chey, whereas did the Malaysia and Singapore team in Takeo. Resulting from these teams’ dedicated effort, 4797 of poor sick people from various rural villages got free treatment. Moreover, in partnering with churches, CHAD has also assisted pastors and Good Samaritan in patients referral of totally 318 to hospitals locally, provincially, and Phnom Penh according to actual need.

Concerning to the organizational development, through its monthly meeting CHAD always reflects its pace of project implementation against to the desired plan, looking for areas need to be improved for more effectiveness and transparency. In this sense, CHAD has also shared its progress report to all stakeholders, especially its donor. For instance, during a separate visit of Methodist Church Finland (UMC) in May and CONNEXIO (UMC in Switzerland & France) in August, CHAD laid out openly its actual program situation by letting them see directly the various project groups for evaluation and feed back from them.

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