Monday, February 13, 2012

Overcoming Disability through Cow Loans

Chim Kun is more than her deformity. Crippled from birth, Kun was denied much in her life — not the least of which was a basic education. But now, with the help of CHAD's agricultural microloans, Kun is showing the world she is not someone to be pitied or shunned. Rather, she is someone to do business with.

At age 56, Kun had never attended a day of school in her life. Her mangled feet made the journey of several kilometers impossible. Nonetheless, when she heard of the opportunity to participate in a CHAD cow bank several years ago, she knew right away how the addition of livestock could help her family's finances.

Today, Kun's family find themselves with two cows and another two calves on the way. The income those cows and their predecessors have produced for the family allowed for the startup of a small poultry business, selling chicken and duck eggs.

The cows and birds combine to give Kun the resources to send her three school-age children to school. But even that is no large expense anymore, because in her eagerness to ensure they received the education denied her, Kun shaped her children into scholarship students. This mother was even able to follow in her children's footsteps, taking two years of adult literacy courses and learning to read and write.

In just a few short years, Kun has overcome deformity and illiteracy and earned financial security for her family. And it all started with one cow.

Want to find out more about how cow banks are changing lives in Cambodia?
Read about how they work here or check out another story involving cow banks here. Click here to donate to a CHAD cow bank.

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